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Region List

This is the Zimbabwe Region List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Region Code Region Name City National Destination Code Carrier Name Number Type
Mobile Telephony 71 NetOne Cellular M
Mobile Telephony 73 Telecel Zimbabwe M
Mobile Telephony 77 Econet Wireless Zimbabwe M
Mobile Telephony 78 Econet Wireless Zimbabwe M
VoIP 8611 PowerTel V
VoIP 8612 Dandemutande V
VoIP 8622 Valley Technology V
VoIP 8630 Aquiva Wireless (Pvt) Ltd V
VoIP 8644 Africom (Pvt) Ltd V
VoIP 8655 Pecus Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd V
VoIP 8677 Liquid Telecoms (Ecoweb) V
VoIP 8683 Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd V
VoIP 8686 Aptics Trading (Pvt) Ltd V
VoIP 8699 BlueSat Access V
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Bellevue 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Hillside 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Luveve 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Mabutewni 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Northend 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayo - Queensdale 9 G
BU Bulawayo Bulawayom - Nkulumane 9 G
HA Harare Harare 4 G
MA Manicaland Birchenough Bridge 24 G
MA Manicaland Chimanimani 26 G
MA Manicaland Chipangayi 24 G
MA Manicaland Chipinge 227 G
MA Manicaland Hauna 228 G
MA Manicaland Headlands 25 G
MA Manicaland Juliasdale 29 G
MA Manicaland Macheke 379 G
MA Manicaland Marondera 279 G
MA Manicaland Marondera 4 G
MA Manicaland Murambinda 21 G
MA Manicaland Mutare 20 G
MA Manicaland Mutare 220 G
MA Manicaland Nyanga 29 G
MA Manicaland Nyazura 25 G
MA Manicaland Odzi 20 G
MA Manicaland Pengalonga 20 G
MA Manicaland Rusape 225 G
MA Manicaland Rusape 25 G
MA Manicaland Wedza 222 G
MC Mashonaland Central Arcturus 274 G
MC Mashonaland Central Bindura 271 G
MC Mashonaland Central Centenary 57 G
MC Mashonaland Central Chirundu 63 G
MC Mashonaland Central Concession 375 G
MC Mashonaland Central Glendale 376 G
MC Mashonaland Central Guruve 58 G
MC Mashonaland Central Kadoma 68 G
MC Mashonaland Central Karoi 64 G
MC Mashonaland Central Mazowe 275 G
MC Mashonaland Central Mt. Darwin 276 G
MC Mashonaland Central Murewa 278 G
MC Mashonaland Central Mutoko 272 G
MC Mashonaland Central Mutorashanga 66 G
MC Mashonaland Central Mvurwi 277 G
MC Mashonaland Central Raffingora 66 G
MC Mashonaland Central Selous 62 G
MC Mashonaland Central Shamva 371 G
ME Mashonaland East Beatrice 65 G
ME Mashonaland East Chakari 68 G
ME Mashonaland East Chegutu 53 G
ME Mashonaland East Chinhoyi 67 G
ME Mashonaland East Chitungwiza 270 G
ME Mashonaland East Kariba 61 G
ME Mashonaland East Makuti 63 G
ME Mashonaland East Ruwa 273 G
MI Midlands Chivhu 56 G
MI Midlands Gokwe 59 G
MI Midlands Gweru 54 G
MI Midlands Kwekwe 55 G
MI Midlands Lalapanzi 54 G
MI Midlands Munyati 55 G
MI Midlands Mvuma 32 G
MI Midlands Nkayi 55 G
MI Midlands Shurugwi 52 G
MN Matabeleland North Binga 15 G
MN Matabeleland North Dete 18 G
MN Matabeleland North Esigodini 288 G
MN Matabeleland North Figtree 283 G
MN Matabeleland North Gwanda 284 G
MN Matabeleland North Hwange 281 G
MN Matabeleland North Lupane 39 G
MN Matabeleland North Matopos 383 G
MN Matabeleland North Nyamandhlovu 287 G
MN Matabeleland North Plumtree 280 G
MN Matabeleland North Shanagani 50 G
MN Matabeleland North Tsholotsho 387 G
MN Matabeleland North Turkmine 285 G
MN Matabeleland North Victoria Falls 13 G
MN Matabeleland North West Nicholson 16 G
MS Matabeleland South Beitbridge 286 G
MS Matabeleland South Filabusi 17 G
MS Matabeleland South Jotsholo 289 G
MS Matabeleland South Kezi 282 G
MV Masvingo Chatsworth 30 G
MV Masvingo Checheche 31 G
MV Masvingo Chiredzi 31 G